Every successful team and organization has a strategy. It encourages in-depth thought, clarifies where they're heading, and keeps everyone on track. Successful individuals, whether they realize it or not, have roadmaps as well. That's because they have a specific goal in mind that connects the daily grind to their long-term goals.

The Cryptic Society plans to create a utility asset and a token to provide better interaction to its holder. Holding a Cryptic Avatar allows you to participate in The Cryptic Society Community Organization with DAO. This organization will be seeded with Ethereum funds after the public sale ends! Holders can vote for experiences, activations, and campaigns that benefit The Cryptic Society. 

Each holder will have the power to participate in DAO, holders can conduct numerous ideas you can think of! Charity? Exclusive Events? Big raffle prizes? Exclusively for the holders, depending on the decision of the society.